Our Philosophy

We believe in genuinely warm greetings, handwritten notes, freshly baked cookies delivered to you in front of a real wood fireplace, tractor parades, nap timers, farm tours and easy & fun local directed activities. We believe in gathering around a table for a good meal with good company.


FSH is a group of rurally independent small hotels and restaurants in the Catskill Mountains. We build soulful and thoughtful hotels in unexpected places. Each property honors its past and is also keenly attuned to what today’s world and guest desires. We accomplish this through design, intentional focus on experiential programming and a lot of making sure the details are right. 

In our current world less is more. As long as the less is executed perfectly. We are as Analog as we can be in an overwhelmingly Digital world. Our guest wants to get back to basics. To re-experience life’s simple pleasures and become recharged by them. And they really like to be treated like family. Simplicity, space to breathe and a moment or two of slowing down have become rare commodities. And we happen to be really good at delivering it. 

We believe hospitality is a gift. It is in our blood. It is part of our history and it is our way forward. We believe we have the responsibility and privilege to affect positive change around us. We believe in simple fun. We believe in campfires and s’mores. We believe the good ‘ole days are now. 




If you read some recent press on Sims Foster and his work in the Catskills you will likely find more then one reference to this being a passion project. That much is very true. He is passionate about the Catskills and passionate about being part of positive change in an area where his family has lived for over 100 years. He’s a hometown boy looking to do good.

But you should not be fooled into thinking this is a hobby. Sims has built a long career in hospitality and is recognized nationally for his efforts. He likes to say that he started his career with a lie. When he was 13 he fudged his records to say he was 14 so that he could get a job washing dishes in a restaurant in Livingston Manor. From there he worked his way through every service level job in the restaurant business. After studying music and playing professionally for a time he turned back to hospitality. General Manager of Lotus, Director of Operations of Country, Owner of 3 restaurants during that same time back in Livingston Manor, Vice President – Restaurants and Bars with Denihan Hospitality Group and Senior Vice President – Restaurants, Bars, and Nightlife with Commune Hotels & Resorts are all titles he has held. Sims has opened over 40 restaurants, bars and hotels in his career. He is an entity in the inner circle of the Chef and Restaurant world. He has been involved intimately with lifestyle brands like The James, Affinia, Joie de Vivre, Thompson and tommie as well as with many, many independent boutique hotels. He is at the highest echelon of his industry and is now applying all he has experienced and learned to Foster Supply Hospitality.



With a Masters Degree in Economics and International Policy and over 15 years working in the financial sector, Kirsten certainly did not set out to become a co-founder and partner in a hospitality company. However, having done everything from set up small rural micro-lending programs in Africa, to advising foreign officials on economic and health policy, to serving for ten years as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the US Treasury Department, she was ready for a new challenge.

Over the past four years, Kirsten has eagerly and seamlessly adapted her diverse skill set to Foster Supply Hospitality, bringing a fresh perspective and dedicated spirit to her work. Kirsten oversees and executes the design and purchasing for all properties, as well as leads the Marketing, Sales and Revenue teams.